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All the RE5 Topics in our online course can be downloaded in pdf format. Downloading the study material from our Learning Management System is easy. Once your registration for the RE5 Online Course is finalised you will receive an email confrimation. To book access to our RE5 Online Course click HERE or send us an email to

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RE5 study material

Study materials are the most important for RE5 EXAM preparation. If you get the best study materials, then the chances of passing the RE5 Exam are increased. Many people who write re5 exams tend to underestimate the importance of proper preparation for these professional exams, hence there is a bug number of re5 fails. sira academy has compiled an easy to follow study guide and online course. These are simplified versions of the Bankseta or Inseta Study Material. Our re5 training and re5 online course includes guides (developed from re5 study material 2018 inseta and RE5 study material 2019) which are matched to our re5 questions and answers (these are re5 Mock Exams with levels of dificulty similar to the FAIS official re5 exam). Our practice exams can be accessed from this website and our RE5 app (available on google play store)


sira academy is one of the leaders in RE5 training in johannesburg. Our training has also been extended to the rest of South Africa as we continue to develop interactive Practice Exam Platforms; designed for individuals in the Financial Services Industry. We assist Representatives to Pass their RE5  Exams and comply with the FAIS requirements. Other than a solid understanding and knowledge of the regulatory learning material, CONFIDENCE and SELF-BELIEF are also critical in PASSING the regulatory exams. We believe that Practice is essential in building the necessary confidence to write RE5 exams.


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our Learning Management System contains:

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Practice Exams

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RE5 Practice Exams 2021










RE exam (including re5 meaning)

The regulatory examinations (RE Exams) are not unique to South Africa. It is accepted international practice and standard to set professional examinations for professions. The purpose of the regulatory examination is to set a minimum standard in terms of the knowledge and understanding regarding the role and responsibilities of a representative and a key individual under the FAIS Act. The RE Exams are compulsory for everyone rendering financial services to clients.

Both the RE5 and RE1 are once-off Level One exams. RE5 is for Representatives and RE1 for Key Individuals. Bear in mind that these exam tests your knowledge about the laws applicable to the provision of financial advice and rendering of intermediary services. The RE5 questions are based on very specific qualifying criteria set out in the FSCA (Financial Services Conduct Authority) preparation guide. Please make sure that you first read the FSCA's Preparation Guide to make sure you follow the right process in preparing. Fully updated resources are available for those requiring access to the legislation applicable to the regulatory examinations.

In South Africa RE Exams are also known as FAIS Exams (FAIS stands for Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services). The learners who are required to write FAIS exams are people who want to work in the banking and insurance sector or employees (known as representatives) who already work in the banking and insurance sector. People who provide advice and/or render intermediary services to bank or insurance clients are known as representatives. Therefore, the re5 banking jobs and/or insurance work positions for people who need to write re5 exams are mainly; Sales Consultants, Client Services Consultants, Underwriters, Claims Negotiators, Brokers, Broker Consultants, Team Leaders, Managers, Key Individuals and Sole Proprietors. The re5 requirements apply to positions or re5 jobs in different levels of seniority, therefore there is no specific re5 salary.  The re5 qualification is a requirement for entry level jobs as well as senior positions in the Financial Services Sector (banks and insurance companies).


RE5 Course

RE5 qualification is mainly a self-study programme, meaning in reality there is no course for the re5 qualification. However various learning institutions offer online training and workshops where you will get the assistance you need to pass the RE5 EXAM.


What is RE5 Qualification?

All Representatives employed in the Financial Services Industry are required to write and pass the re 5 exam. This examination applies Representatives in all Categories of Financial Services Providers (FSPs).

This examination consist of a total of 50 questions.


The following representatives are not required to write the RE5:

  • Representatives appointed to render financial services in respect of funeral and friendly society benefits only (subcategory 1.1 and 1.19 only);
  • Representatives appointed to render financial services in respect of Tier 2 financial products only;
  • Representatives appointed for execution of sales in respect of Tier 1 financial products only.

Tier 1 financial products – please refer to Board Notice 194 of 2017, Annexure Three, Table 1 Column A to see which products are Tier 1 products.

Tier 2 financial products – please refer to Board Notice 194 of 2017, Annexure Three, Table 1 Column B to see which products are Tier 2 products.


How do I register for RE Exam?

As mentioned there are several centers where you can register for the RE exams, the most popular being Moonstone. Some of the learning or workshop providers will also assist you with your re5 moonstone registration when attending the workshops.


Where do I register to write the regulatory examinations?

Please contact the Moonstone examination body to register for the regulatory examination(s).

Registrations can be done per telephone or on-line: 

To register by telephone: The Moonstone registration call centre are available weekdays during business hours (08:00 – 16:30). 

Call 021 888 9796

To register on-line: Complete the on-line registration: On-line registration 

For more information regarding Moonstone examination body, please visit their website: Moonstone examination body


What do I need to register for the RE5 Exams?

In order to register for the examination you will be required to supply the examination body with the following information: 

  • Your ID number / passport number (you may only use a passport number of you don't have a South African ID number)
  • FSP number
  • Personal and contact details

Professional details (For example insurance, banking, investments, etc.)

What is the RE5 Examination Fee?

RE5 Exam Cost – The Regulatory Examinations fee is a legislated fee. RE5 exam cost is R1,226 per exam and is the same for rewrites.

RE5 Online Course

sira academy offers best assistance for your RE exam preparations. Our RE5 course includes; RE5 study material, online RE5 questions and answers (Sira Academy RE5 App on google play store). If you are unable to access the Practice Exam App you can access by clicking the picture below. This website is mobile friendly and you will be guided through to a practical exam experience. 

We provide a personalised and guided assistance from the time you decide to write the RE5 Exam until you obtain your RE5 Certificate. We are also available to offer face-to-face workshops even to small groups starting from 5 candidates.  We are also prepared to arrange one-on-one meetings to provide Exam Tips and Tricks to help you prepare for the official exam such as the re5 moonstone exam.

The picture below is a link that will provide you access to all our Practice Exams. Each of the 5 Practice Exams has minimum 50 questions designed to assist you to obtain your RE5 Certificate. All the questions are linked to all the RE5 Topics. The format of the questions is similar to the official RE5 Exam. Please click the picture below to access the Exams. 

The RE5 qualification will enhance your success opportunities with RE5 banking jobs and all other re5 jobs in the financial services sector. There's been a large number of RE5 fails due people underestimating the preparations for RE5. Hence our main focus is Practice Exams in our RE5 online course. 

For further details about the official exam please google or click any of the following links: where to write re5? re5 exam cost, re5 exam price, re5 exam dates 2020, re5 moonstone registration.

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